About Us

Our goal in this office is to provide the very best possible dental care for our patients so that each of you may achieve optimal dental health throughout your lifetime. Our entire staff operates as a team. We take great pride in each staff member's training and capabilities. We want you to have the same confidence that we do and to let them serve you fully. Our office is equipped and capable of providing the latest in dental technology and sterilizing procedures. To protect your health, we use 'UNIVERSAL PRECAUTIONS', which means that we use the same protective measures with every patient to prevent the spread of the virus that causes AIDS or any other infectious disease.

We believe very strongly in the importance of regular preventive dental health care. During each hygiene visit, we will monitor your teeth and periodontal tissues to see if any disease is present. Your oral examination will include visual examination, examination of dental radiographs, head and neck examination, oral cancer screening, and blood pressure taken. Our office will recommend your treatment schedule according to your dental health and presence of disease and your ability to clean your teeth at home. Our goal is to keep your teeth and gums healthy and help keep your teeth for a lifetime.

Please contact us with any questions, so that they may be answered personally.